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Client: Rice & Fish Paris

Role: Logo and Brand


Rice & Fish needed a brand that captured the energetic environment of their cafe-style sushi restaurant in Paris, France. At the time, sushi was realtviely new to France and there were culutural barriers in finding a willing audience. The owner opted for a upbeat and energetic cafe experience to attract young customers to help drive adoption.


Working directly with the restaurant owner, several designs were considered before settling on this memorable logo that represented both the restaurant's modern culture and the historic tradition of sushi preparation. With the colors and brand identity established, menus and business cards were explored, and innovative marketing campaigns were used to get the word out.


Over the years, this restaurant has continued to grow in popularity and helped establish a new style of cuisine to Paris. Although this restaurant has gone through many changes, the brand and logo remain constant and have helped to establish this eatery as a local icon.

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